Off the "Deeb" End

Edward Deeb, long-time friend of the Eastern Market, is founder, president and CEO of the Michigan Business and Professional Association. He has over 44 years of association management experience. Mr. Deeb is also known for his dedication to community causes and serves on many boards that include Eastern Market Corporation (EMC), United Way, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Boy Scouts and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeast Michigan. He personally co-founded Metro Detroit Youth Day which was created to encourage harmony between merchants and the youth of Metro Detroit some 22 years ago. Mr. Deeb has received numerous awards and honors for his community involvement.

Ed Deeb

Mr. Deeb will be sharing his thoughts on the amazing transformation that is taking place at Eastern Market, from time to time, via this blog post.

Ed Deeb can be reached at MFBA via phone (586) 393-8800, or email


Off the Deeb End

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