Off the Deeb End-August 2011

Posted on August 31, 2011 - 2:31 pm

by Ed Deeb

Have you noticed all the new Farmers Markets starting up all over?

Michigan?    This has gone along with all the emphasis on freshness,

nutrition and the Pure Michigan campaign being run by the Michigan's Agriculture Dept.    Coupled with the concern that too many of us

are considered obese,  we should become healthier and even lose weight.


Eastern Market on Tuesdays has been a great success.  It gives residents

in Detroit more opportunities to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Tuesday market began July 12th and ends Sept 27.  Hours are from

11 a.m. until 7 p.m.


Plans are in the works for Agents from MSU's Extension Service to work with Eastern Market Corporation on the second floor of the Welcome Center.  They will work on nutrition outreach programs and a Product Center to help increase food ventures in Detroit.


Welcome Christine Quane.  She has been hired as our first Wholesale

Market Coordinator.   Her responsibilities include coordinating alternative delivery

Program purchasing, working with institutional buyers to access more products

from Eastern Market, and working to retain and grow both growers and buyers

at the Wholesale Market.  


Committees of the EMC Board:


Executive Committee: George Jackson, Brian Holdwick, Joe Kuspa, and

Morse Brown.


Finance Committee:  Brian Holdwick, Jim Bonahoom, Helena Bengels, and

Don Lindow.


Nominating Committee:  Ed Deeb, Bert Dearing and Robert Davis>


Fund Development Committee:  Don Lindow.


Real Estate Projects Committee:  Todd Carmody and Joe Kuspa.


Marketing Committee:  Ed Deeb.




Double Up Food Bucks.    Randall Fogelman recently provided a report to

the EMC board on how the Double Up Food Bucks program works.   The program is a project of the Fair Food Network.


One uses a Bridge Card to pay for fresh food at participating Detroit area farmers markets.   For every $2 spent on fresh food, you receive $2 worth of Double Up Food Bucks bonus tokens.  You can receive up to $20 in tokens per visit.  Buy Michigan-grown fruits and vegetables with your Double up Food Bucks tokens.  Its slogan:  "From our farms, for our families."


In addition to Eastern Market, other area farmers markets where you can

"Double Up," are Northwest Detroit Farmers Market, Peaches and Greens

Store and Mobile Food Truck, Eastside Farmers Market, and Wayne

State University


Have You Seen the Big Apples?     Twenty 4-foot apples have been distributed to farmers markets throughout southeast Michigan to create a regional celebration of farmers markets.  Each market will transform the apple into works of art and all the apples will descend upon Eastern Market in October where customers can judge the harvest in the Eastern Market Orchard.


Mark your calendars for Friday, Oct. 14 for the first ever Apple Gala event to support farmers markets in southeast Michigan, to be hosted by Eastern Market.  MI Apple Trail apples will be auctioned off, the finals of the Urban Chef competition will be held, and great locally sourced and prepared foods will be featured.  Cost is $50 per person. So save the date.


Historical Notes:  Did you know that Generals Ulysses S. Grant, George

Custer and John J. Pershing were headquartered in the area and marched troops up and down the area where the Eastern Market is presently located.


Also, parts of the Underground Railroad went from the Eastern Market to the

Detroit River where escaping slaves were able to make safe haven to Canada.


Roma Café Restaurant is the oldest Italian restaurant in the City of 

Detroit operated by the Sossi family.  Daughter Janet Belcoure is the current



If you have news you would like to share about Eastern Market, or if

you have Questions about the Market or its history. Contact Ed Deeb, phone

(586) 393-8800 or email:








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