Off the Deeb End-June 2012

Posted on June 5, 2012 - 11:19 am

by Ed Deeb

Enjoy the Freshness, Color and Festivities at Eastern Market

The 46th annual Flower Day at is now history.  It is held the Sunday following

Mother's Day in May each year.    The large variety of fruits and vegetables, and

even beautiful flowers and shrubs are still available the Eastern Market.

The symphony of fresh produce is everywhere and in a variety of colors:

strawberries, blueberries, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, eggplant,

basil, green onions,  radishes, etc.   You name it, Eastern Market has it!


                                       * * * *

One of the best ways to visit and shop at the Market on Saturdays, the

busiest day, is to get there early and start with a great breakfast at Farmers

Restaurant,  Vivio's,  Russell Street Deli,  Louie's,  Milano Bakery, Zef's or

Mike's Grill...or include lunch at Roma Café.   You can do your shopping and

get home early. 

                                      * * * *


Also in the Summer, the Tuesday Market opens in Shed No. 2 July 10th

to Oct. 30th.  The hours are from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.  If you can't be at the market

on Saturdays, perhaps you may prefer Tuesdays.  Try it, you'll like it.


                                    * * * *

Germack Pistachio has moved into a new location at 2517 Russell Street.

The store was formerly located at 1416 Fisher Freeway in Eastern Market.

The business was started in 1924 by the Germack family, and is now operated

by Elyse and Frank Germack.


In addition to a variety of nut products, Germack's new store also has a café

and features coffee roasting, and includes various spices, sees, grains, rice,

beans and oils.  They even have outdoor seating and an art gallery!


                                         * * * *

The former R. Hirt, Jr. retail shop has been completely renovated and was

Reopened May 8th....with a new name which is called DeVries & Co. 1887.

The families divided the business into a retail and wholesale division with

one family operating one, and the other family the other portion.


David DeVries operates the retail store which has been renamed.  There

has been a strong favorable response to the new changes and improvements

which have been made.    Tom DeVries, Jr. heads the wholesale operation

which is still called R. Hirt, Jr. Co. and is located on Chrysler drive.


                                         * * * *

Renovation work on Shed No. 5 is coming along nicely.   It will be a big

improvement.  Stay tuned.

                                                  -- Ed Deeb is Chairman and Founder,

                                                     Michigan Food & Beverage Assn.



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