Beading venture links four ardent crafters

Published on August 28, 2010 - 2:14 pm

by Jocelynn Brown-The Detroit News

Detroiters Annette Martin, Denise Germany and Brenda Wilson, along with Livonia resident Linda Roberts, represent the close bonding that can occur between crafters who share a common interest.

Martin and Roberts met last year while on a trip to New York. That's when they discovered each made beaded jewelry. Once returning home, Roberts introduced Martin to two of her jewelry-making friends, and that's when they became crafting "sisters." They later heard about an opportunity to sell their work on Saturdays at the Artisan Village at Eastern Market in Detroit.

"We wanted to be out there before Flower Day," recalls Martin, who now shares a table at the market with the three other beaders. They rotate Saturdays, with two working their booth at a time. And although each has her own business name, they chose "Four Sisters Jewelry" to represent their joint venture at the busy farmers market.

Martin, a longtime crafter, taught herself to bead and later learned stitch beading at a store in Southgate. "They had social beading on Thursday nights," she says. She learned different patterns and later "translated" them into flex wire beading. After meeting Germany, Wilson and Roberts, she taught them how to make a ladder stitch bracelet watch, like the one seen here. Now, anything they make using the ladder stitch is a big seller, with prices ranging from $30-$40.

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