Shed 3 Renovations Commence

Published on January 9, 2009 - 12:29 am

by EMC Staff

Renovation of Shed 3 at Eastern Market is underway. This project is the next step in the capital improvement program to refurbish the market's campus so that it can serve the 21st century food needs of Detroit as well as it served those of the last century.

Shed 3 was buillt in 1923 and will be continue to serve as the premier indoor shed for transient vendors on a year-round basis. Work includes replacing many worn-out building systems and adding additional electricity and water to improve the operation of the market.

Improvements include new doors that make customer access easier while reducing heat loss during colder months, restrooms will be added to the inside of the shed, and the new concrete flooring will include heating coils so that the Winter Market at Eastern Market will become a more pleasant and compelling experience.

Long term energy efficiency is planned by using a ground source heating system. Commonly known as geo-thermal this heating system utilizes the constant temperature of ground water (51 degrees) as a way to both heat and cool space.

The ground source system will be installed in the parking lot east of Shed 3 following completion of improvements to the shed and will be large enough to provide heating for Shed 3 and heating and cooling for Shed 4 which will be built in 2010.

Shed 3 is nearly 30,000 square feet of space and the cost for refurbishment and improvements is $5.5 million. Key investors in Shed 3 include the City of Detroit, the Kresge Foundation, the Kellogg Foundation, Bank of America, the Hudson-Webber Foundation, General Motors Foundation, and DTE Energy.

Shed 3 will be closed from early January to mid-April and the Winter Market will be located in Sheds 4 and 5. While renovations will not be fully completed until September use of Shed 3 for the Saturday Market will resume in mid-April.


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