Business Profile

Published on July 9, 2009 - 3:39 pm

Savvy Chic
2712 Riopelle St
Detroit, MI
(313) 833-8769

Nestled next to produce stores and meat markets, Savvy Chic is the Eastern Market neighborhood's best kept secret, or, as owner Karen Brown describes it, "hidden treasure." The aroma of scented candles that flow throughout the store take its visitors away from the city streets. "People are always surprised when they come in here," said Brown.

Brown cites that a home décor store, a rarity in Detroit neighborhoods, is not the only thing that makes Savvy Chic unique. "People like to come here because I mix the old with the new," said Brown. This is apparent through the eclectic mix of the traditional designs and her modern lines of natural, biodegradable, and recyclable products.

Items sold in the store include home furnishings, décor, books, cookbooks, jewelry, clothes, cards, and furniture. Essentially, as Brown says, "I have everything." Nearly all of this one-of-a-kind "everything" is made in the United States, if not locally made in the Michigan and Detroit area.

Come take a peek at Savvy Chic for yourself the next time you visit Eastern Market. It is open TH-SAT: 10AM-5PM and SUN 10AM-3PM.

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