Busking at Eastern Market

Eastern Market Corporation (EMC) strives to make Eastern Market more engaging and compelling for its customers. If you are an entertaining street performer we welcome you to join us for our Saturday, Tuesday and Sunday Markets to put smiles on the faces of our guests while they shower you with affection and tips.

Busking Application must be filled out in person at the EMC office.

What is a Busker?

Buskers are street performers at least 12 years old who may be (but not limited to being) actors, singers, musicians, jugglers, mimes, human statues, magicians, or puppeteers.


A Busking group cannot consist of more than (4) people without written permission from EMC.  Performers engaging in any activity with more than (4) people or requiring more space than is normally allotted at our Busking locations must seek written permission from EMC and identify alternative locations for their performances. This is including but not limited to, acrobatics, tumblers, or cyclists.


Buskers who use amplification must seek written permission from EMC.  Permission is granted at EMC’s discretion after reviewing the specific amplifier.


Procedure for Busking at Eastern Market

1.    Submit completed application to EMC office along with $5.00 (credit card, cash, check or money order made payable to Eastern Market Corporation). This is a onetime registration fee and covers the cost of an Eastern Market badge holder.  You are responsible for keeping the badge holder and bringing it with you each time you perform.  Replacement badges cost $5.00 each.

2.    Busker slots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis on the actual market day by coming to the EMC office. Busking locations are all outside of the Sheds.

3.    If a Busking slot is available, you will receive a Busking badge with your time and location. The badge is placed in your Eastern Market badge holder and worn in a visible location.


Where Can Buskers Set Up?

Depending on the market day, up to five different locations have been designated as places where Buskers can perform. See attached map.


When Can Buskers Perform?

Buskers can perform during public market hours on Saturday, Tuesday, and Sunday.

Buskers are assigned 1/2 hour performance slots.

Buskers may perform for a maximum of four half-hour slots per public market day.


Busker Rules and Regulations:

Ø  All material must be considered family-friendly.  Obscenity or indecency will not be tolerated.


Ø  Performers must not interfere with or block the normal flow of commerce at any time. This includes becoming too loud for vendors to hear customers.


Ø  Performers aged 12 to 15 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Ø  Your daily badge must be displayed at all times.  Buskers without badges will be asked to leave the Market immediately.


Ø  You may not stay in any location longer than assigned, even if another Busker does not show up to take your spot.  See map for Busking locations.


Ø  Contributions may be received in appropriate receptacle, such as an open musical instrument case, box or hat.


Ø  Performers are responsible for clean-up of all litter at the performance site.


Prohibited Items:

Ø  Knives, swords, torches, flames, axes, saws or other objects that can cause bodily injury to any person are prohibited.


Ø  The sale of any products or goods is prohibited.


Ø  Generators or any other power sources that pose a fire or public safety hazard are prohibited.


Ø  Connections to or maintenance of an electrical cord to an adjacent building is prohibited.


Ø  Performers may not perform with more instruments, props, or equipment than the performer can reasonably transport or remove at one time.





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