Detroit Market Garden

In partnership with Eastern Market Corporation, The Greening of Detroit's Detroit Market Garden will be Detroit’s first production-focused Market Garden (small scale farm) where over 60 fruits, vegetables, and cut flowers will be grown and harvested for sale in Detroit’s Eastern Market District. Plans for the Detroit Market Garden include:


•The adaptive reuse of a 30’X80’ garage into functional office space, storage area, and on-site cooperative processing center.

•Field production of fruits, vegetables, cut flowers.

•Three 30’X96’ solar passive greenhouses that will be utilized to grow food 11 months a year.

•One 30’X96’ heated transplant greenhouse, which will allow us to grow all of our plants from seed on-site

•A perennial edible forest and mushroom plot designed to diversify the Market Garden’s product availability.


In addition, all farm management practices will be focused on “closing the loop” of on-site waste and consumption. These features and many more will make the Detroit Market Garden a model of innovation and sustainable use of farm inputs and resources.


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