Eastern Market Corporation

The mission of the Eastern Market Corporation is to mobilize leadership and resources to achieve stakeholders vision for the Eastern Market District and make the Eastern Market the undisputed center for fresh and nutritious food in southeast Michigan.

Stakeholders Vision for the Eastern Market District. Leverage the attraction and legacy of the Eastern Market and build a dynamic, diverse, and unique urban district by:

  • Strengthening the identity of the Eastern Market as a food-related district by enhancing the operations of the existing public market and by developing business opportunities for specialty food retailers, food wholesale operations, restaurants, food distributors, and food processors
  • Take advantage of the great economic development opportunities available throughout the Eastern Market District while maintaining authenticity (aka 'funkiness') and then using that funkiness to attract more creative people to live, work, visit, and invest in the district.
  • Creating a mixed-use neighborhood that improves the business climate and enlivens streets and public spaces by carefully blending in a variety of residential forms. New uses should support and respect the food identity and existing food related uses of the district.
  • Improving travel to and within the district and cultivating a unique sense of place by improving major corridors within the district. Streetscaping, façade enhancements, signage, parking, lighting, and landscaping all must be enhanced for the Eastern Market district to fulfill its potential.

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