Wholesale Market

While most of the city and the region sleep, Detroit’s Eastern Market is alive with activity.  Monday through Friday from midnight until 6AM, dozens of regional farmers bring their freshly harvested fruits and vegetables to the Market to sell to a myriad of grocery stores, produce distributors, restaurants, farm stands and a few sleep deprived members of the general public.

Farmers arrive in everything from pick-up trucks to 18-wheel tractor trailers and customers take away their bounty in cars, vans, panel trucks and their own 18-wheel tractor trailers.

Most people don’t spend too much time thinking about where there food comes from.  Well, for a good part of the season, much of the fresh produce that is consumed in SE Michigan comes from the Eastern Market.  Michigan is the second most agriculturally diverse state in the country, after California, and just about every one of those crops comes through the Eastern Market in some capacity.

Eastern Market AM Market Fresh is Eastern Market Corporation’s way of bringing a small taste of the incredibly fresh bounty offered at the Market directly to the consumer.  Eastern Market AM Market Fresh stands will be popping up at small farmers markets, local party and convenience stores, local festivals and events, and City of Detroit neighborhoods soon.

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