Gratiot Central Market

Gratiot Central Market is an independently owned and operated building in the Eastern Market Business District. (313) 259-4486

Gratiot Central Market (GCM) was built in 1915 and its original use was for retail foods, primarily meat, as indicated by the three bull heads above the main doors.  Aside from meat, one could also purchase dairy products, eggs, relishes (pickles and such), as well as canned goods and ethnic foods at Gratiot Central Market - to complement the produce sold in the sheds.

Until the I-75 freeway was built, the market was just across the street from the southernmost shed (Shed 1-now demolished), making it easy for the farmers, and customers to shop at GCM.  To continue that tradition, a pedestrian walkway over the freeway currently connects the core of the market with the GCM.      

The building was originally two stories and also housed a saloon and billiards hall.  Two fires significantly altered the building - the first in 1967, resulted in the building being reconstructed as a one-story building.  After the fire in 1995, almost the entire building was rebuilt.  The only remaining part of the original building is the exterior terra cotta wall along Gratiot Avenue.

Today, the merchants at Gratiot Central Market continue the tradition of selling every kind of meat imaginable - from Amish chicken to yellow-fin tuna.  In between, you can find:

  • Beef - all kinds of steaks, roasts, ground beef, kabobs, and even oxtails
  • Corned Beef  - sold in Detroit by four generations of the same family
  • Pork - all varieties of ribs, ham, chops, bacon, salt pork, ham hocks, and more
  • Poultry - chicken (whole and parts), turkey, duck, Cornish hens, and eggs  
  • Specialty Meats - such as goat, homemade sausages, lunchmeats, cheeses, lamb, rabbit, chitterlings and tripe
  • Fish - more than 16 varieties of fresh fish and your selection can be cooked for you
  • Shellfish - from crab to clams, crawfish, lobster, scallops and shrimp


Additionally, Gratiot Central Market houses

  • A bakery - making 13 kinds of cakes, 21 kinds of pies, and three kinds of cheesecake daily
  • Barbeque supplies - large variety of sauces, spices, rubs, marinades, and batters
  • Restaurants, take-away, health foods and more!


It's well worth the walk over the freeway to experience a true Detroit gem.

Typical Hours are*:

Monday - Thursday  8 am-5 pm

Friday - 8 am-6 pm

Saturday - 7 am-6 pm

Sunday - closed except before holidays and Lions game days


*Hours vary by vendor, call before you go.  A complete list of businesses in the market district and the Gratiot Central Market can be found by clicking here.


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